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Who We Serve
At Cogent Compensation Partners, we understand the role of the consultant in improving the linkage between pay and company performance.

Strategic Partners

In order to provide leading companies with the appropriate depth and breadth of technical expertise, Cogent Compensation Partners teams with topical experts with whom we have long-standing relationships. These relationships allow us to provide our clients with seamless and technically superior service. These relationships touch on SEC, tax, accounting, and legal issues surrounding executive compensation.

Further, our firm recognizes the need for up to date and relevant data in executive compensation. We partner with the nation's foremost providers of compensation data and technical information.

We also partner with institutional shareholder analysts to provide our clients with helpful insights and accurate analysis on executive compensation proposals.

As a boutique firm, we understand the importance of global reach. For this reason we have established relationships with compensation experts in various parts of the world who can provide important local data and expertise relating to compensation plan design, stock plan nuances, and tax issues.

We believe our strategic alliances allow us to draw from the best of the providers in our markets, providing us a competitive advantage.