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Isn't it true that investors already have their "Say on Pay?" They elected the board did they not?
Who We Serve
At Cogent Compensation, Partners, our executive compensation consultants assist in bringing together the various interests involved in the executive pay debate: employees, shareholders, institutions, and other stakeholders.

The Cogent Philosophy -Why Cogent?

At Cogent Compensation Partners, we strive to serve the highest interests of stakeholders by bringing rational and coherent thinking to the process of designing and administering executive compensation programs.

We maintain independence and objectivity. The nature of executive compensation requires advisor independence in order to provide objective advice. As a boutique consulting firm, we maintain independence and add value to that process by bringing an objective perspective.

We add value to the process. The role of the compensation consultant is much more than helping clients achieve compliance. As experienced compensation consultants, we add significant value to the process by applying our proven professional expertise through all efforts.

We demonstrate technical competence. A compensation committee's consultant should possess breadth and depth of technical (accounting, tax and financial) expertise in the numerous technical, legislative, and best practice areas affecting executive compensation. These qualities should reside in the committee's consultant in such a way that he/she can provide technically accurate advice in "real time."

We most often report to the compensation committee and work with management. In order to provide the most accurate and objective compensation advice, we work with members of both the compensation committee and executive management. We add value to all parties engaged in designing and administering executive compensation programs.

We relate compensation to performance. Investors expect compensation to be closely related to company performance. It is our job to help strengthen the linkage between compensation and company performance. Where appropriate, we employ rigorous analyses to assess company performance, considering key value drivers specific to the organization and its industry.

We relate compensation to strategy and principles. We focus our consulting efforts on understanding our client's business, compensation strategy, and organizational culture. We are diligent to understand and relate the company's compensation programs to the strategy and principles that drive the business.