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When discussing independent director roles, we say they "serve" at the pleasure of the shareholders. When addressing their compensation, we struggle with defining what their service is worth.

SEC Disclosure Assistance

We assist companies in complying with SEC executive
compensation disclosures.

By having a strong working knowledge of our clients' plans, programs, strategy and culture, we can assist with the SEC disclosure requirements related to executive compensation. This includes helping companies prepare the required compensation tables for the proxy. The preparation of compensation tables requires significant involvement on behalf of the client, as much of the work involves collecting the appropriate data to populate the tables. We can provide a checklist and work with a client's internal departments to organize the data. We can also prepare the tables and explanatory footnotes using client-provided data.

We work closely with management and the compensation committee to ensure that all communication with shareholders is accurately described. We also work closely with legal counsel to ensure these documents meet SEC requirements.