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There is no need to put incentive compensation arrangements in writing - unless of course they are expected to be worth something someday.

Competitive Compensation Analysis of Executive
and Employee Jobs

We provide our clients with competitive base salary, annual incentive, and long-term incentive market compensation analysis for both executive and non-executive positions. We also analyze total compensation including the value of indirect compensation through the use of tally sheets.

When evaluating direct compensation for senior executive positions, we typically use a combination of published proxy data and market surveys to develop the competitive market. Second-level executive positions and non-executive positions are evaluated based on market surveys.

We also provide expert analysis and advice in interpreting the results. We consider the compensation strategy and specific situation, as well as the qualifications and experience level of each incumbent.

The use of tally sheets offers our clients insight into the accumulated value of compensation for executives, as well as contingent values such as termination pay under various scenarios.